Scale your B2B SaaS startup

Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Olly, a digital marketing strategist for B2B startups


Is your B2B, SaaS or ecommerce startup looking to sign up its first customers, or scale quickly while maintaining a profitable CPA and refined process? I can help.

I've worked with 100s of seed stage startups including Ferly, Augmentive, Clayton, Frontend Mentor, and Corona Test Centre.

I execute and grow marketing product teams to plan, experiment and execute campaigns across all marketing channels.

I focus on rapid, lean marketing experimentation and scaling the channels that work.

For fun, I help early stage startups get their first 100 users with my mailing list, weekly open office hours, and side project Roast My Landing Page. This no-code website showcases some of my writing, resources, side-projects and testimonials.

My Latest Availability I am currently available for freelance as part of remote teams from September 2022. My rate is Β£350/hour. Get in touch.

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πŸ“±Open Office Hours

Every Tuesday I guide 7 startups through their most challenging marketing challenge as part of my free open office hours. So far I have helped 200 startups (April 2021). Book your 30 minute call here.

πŸ— Roast My Landing Page

I'll roast your startup's landing page and give you actionable ideas to improve positioning and conversion, plus acquisition of first users. A 10-minute video run through and list of changes for $350. Roast me, Olly.

Here's what the people I work with say

Olly is a fast and efficient product marketer with excellent copywriting and communication skills. He is a quick thinker who strategises and experiments rapidly to help your product be understood and gain traction with your target audience.

Emma Joy OBanye, mindful team

The strategy he developed for us met our objectives and goals, on top of that he is really super quick in generating and executing ideas and work for a company.

Richa Chandola, Noodle App

I'd love to hear from you If you're interested in working with me or have some feedback, please say hello on olly@first100users.com or @helloitsolly on Twitter.